Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More About OCs: Queen of Prophecies

My beloved characters are coming~~~!

I need to warn you first though. This universe is basically my utopia(?) where I can apply as many tropes as I like into it, resulting in a ambiguous storyline/setting. Like, one second I want it this way, but the next I want it that way. Have never put it into stone, so I might be a little vague here. I also have the most absurd plot. Not to mention the amount of mary-su/gary-stu here... I can't---

Beware of length. (I swear to God I didn't mean it to be this long but then I realized it's better if I explain the minor characters as well and it just----- I guess I'm just letting out everything I never have the chance to properly write?)

[Queen of Prophecies]

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

More About OCs: The Twin Witches

I don't have any homework for once so here I am!!! (Pssh what do you mean I need to do that translation request and that short essay for literature class tomorrow)

I'm going to write more about my kids~ I was initially going to talk about The Queen of Prophecies but I'm guessing it will be so long that I can't finish in one sitting, so here it is:

[The Twin Witches]

Friday, November 18, 2016

More about OCs: Dreamweaver

I was dead this morning (slept at 4 a.m lol) but I've recovered~ So now that tomorrow is no college day, I'll talk about more OCs!


Hikaru Akiyama Widjaja (in Japanese style: 秋山 光)

100% Japanese. Her parents got divorced when she's in 8th grade so Akiyama is her mother's family name. When she's in 10th grade, her mother remarried with an Indonesian man, hence the Widjaja name. I used Indonesian old spelling for the name to give some old, wealthy family vibes because her step-father is like a super rich businessman. Soon after the remarriage, she and her mother moved to Surabaya, Indonesia.

She can speak Indonesian, but with this weird accent and she sometimes makes mistakes on words/expressions. Her English is mediocre at best :"""

She is now in 11th grade, soon moving to 12th grade. 16 y.o. Gemini? Blood type O.

Believe it or not, she has bright caramel/honey colored hair. The school tries to get her to dye it black, but she insists that it's her natural color, thus not breaking any rules. I'll leave it to your imagination whether she's telling the truth or not, but the fact remains that she actually wins the argument xD Her hair is armpit-length and styled hime-cut (you know, straight cut with front bangs).

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

More about OCs: untitled

So I may have gotten a bit heated up because after posting that last post, I actually engaged a conversation with a friend about our OCs! It really makes me want to lay down each character's basic appearance and personality. And while the heat lasts, here I go~ I'll do it one post for each universe so it doesn't get long.

(This comes first because they are easier to write lol)
(On hindsight, I should have made a title sooner than later...)

Maki Hiiragi (or in Japanese style, Hiiragi Maki / 柊季 茉輝)
Oh shhh so what do you mean I only made her Kanji name just now shhh.
20 y.o. I haven't decided on birthday/signs/blood type. But I think she's a Pisces?
Your normal, average college girl. Economics major. Currently in Yokohama, Japan.
She has natural dark hair and white skin. Really, so typical Japanese girl. Prefers skirts, but not mini-skirts. Just like most other Japanese, her colors are black, dark brown, dark blue, dark green.
Her mother has passed away, and her father is an awkward man who can't really show his affections freely. No siblings.
This girl, I tell you, is salty about everything. It's almost like everything is wrong for her, like she's the most pitiful of all. I mean, yeah she actually can be nice and outgoing and all, but there's always an underlying dissatisfied feeling. And to top it off, she's clingy.
(I want to slap her then hug her.)
As explained in the first story of this universe, she has a major crush on Shouichi, but it's unrequited as Shouichi dates another girl. And yeah, it's bad for her heart.

Shouichi Kobayashi (or in Japanese style, Kobayashi Shouichi / 小林 鎗一)
20 y.o. I haven't decided on birthday/signs either, but he's kinda Scorpio or Sagitarius to me. And you know what, he's almost definitely O.
Another normal, average college student! .....except for that red highlight. He's got a rebel heart deep inside. Also Economics major in Yokohama.
I don't know, he just appears as the kind of guy who would wear black jeans and red shirts with black leather boots. Not that he wears it everyday lol. About 180 cm-ish? Or maybe a bit shorter hahaha. His hair is a bit long, he sometimes wears hairpins during sports. Definitely one of the ikemen in class.
Has a younger brother.
I must admit he has a difficult personality (for me to write). He's not close to his family because of stuffs, and at one point he got rebellious? Kinda. He likes to stay alone in his dark apartment room, staring at nothing. (whispers: emoooo) Almost feel like he's distant from people. He truly cares for his friends though, for example for Maki, his so-called best girl friend. He begins to date Rise because she's cute (ha!) and apparently she also likes metal music.

Sooo yeah. That's it. And the main plot of this universe? Maki likes Shouichi but doesn't confess, one day Shouichi gets a girlfriend, Maki gets jealous and heartbroken and she blames everything. She still wants to be with Shouichi though. Shouichi, the ever distant one, doesn't realize Maki's feelings and goes his merry(?) way.

I hope you enjoy~

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Meet the OCs!

Just a quick, random thought.

How much do you develop your OCs? You know, original characters? Whether in original story or in some fandom? Those who write novels or something like that surely have an extended development of their OCs, sure, but as someone who don't, how much do you develop your OCs?