Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Father, Father, listen!
Today the little bird left its nest
And the pink petals went away
And the stones rolled down the hill
And the people laughed terribly loud
And the papers littered my table
And the sky is vast

Father, Father, answer!
Is the Earth warm enough?

into the spring storm

In the spring storm,
I hear a lullaby—sweet and soft
Look, the trees dance slowly to the tune
Look, spring wants you to dance too
So let's wear your cold, cold toes and
Wear your wet jacket
We dance under the rain and falling leaves
Spring storm is coming and going,
Don't let it pass! Don't let it pass!
We will go together—one, two, one, two
So let's wear your cold, cold toes and
Join the storm!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

[Fanfiction] So Let Me

Title: So Let Me
Author: Vianna Orchidia 
Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs
Character: Dazai Osamu, Nakahara Chuuya, Oda Sanosuke, Sakaguchi Ango
Rating: T
Genre: ??? 
Disclaimer: Bungou Stray Dogs is property of Asagiri Kafka and Harukawa Sango. I do not own the series and the characters, and I do not gain any profit from this fanfiction
Warning: Dazai-centric, mention of torture. Repost from my AO3.
"People Feel Fortunate Looking at the Tragedy of Others"
"I Will Strip and Rest My Head on Your Lap"

A shrill scream broke the tranquility of night. Dazai did not even try to hide the sneer on his face as he gazed at the pitiful man, bound and blindfolded, his fingers being cracked one by one by Dazai's underlings. Dazai watched quietly how the man panted harshly, his body trembling as the Mafia goons let him absorb the pain.

“So,” he started with a cheerful voice, “are you going to tell me who hired you?”

“F-fuck you, Mafia dogs!”

Dazai raised an eyebrow. He clicked his tongue and signaled his men to break another couple of fingers. “Wrong answer~” The man shrieked in agony again. “Come on, I don't want to hurt you any more than this, so why don't you just sing for me already?”

The bound man, someone with his own share of torture experience under his sleeve, found strength to laugh hoarsely at the young executive. “This is nothing, boy. Soon you'll run out of fingers to break, and you won't get a fucking information from me!”

“Oh?” Dazai's smile broadened if only a fraction. “I must admit you're a brave man, but...”

Silence dropped for a second as Dazai trailed off. His men gulped visibly at how their executive suddenly emanated enough malicious intent befitting his title as the Demon Prodigy of Mafia. And then Dazai continued,

“Did you think this is the worst treatment you can receive?”

Dazai Osamu. Youngest Mafia Executive in History, Demon Prodigy, wielder of the Ability No Longer Human. The brainy half of the most powerful duo of Port Mafia, Double Black. A young man feared by his enemies and his allies alike. A boy who had barely turned a man with no sense of sympathy, just cold calculations.

Today, he finished another difficult mission, adding to the river-long list of his successful missions. As he exited the interrogation room—he knew the larger portion of Port Mafia members dubbed it as the torture room—he noticed his partner, the brawny half of Double Black, was leaning on the opposite wall with arms folded in front of his chest.

“Did you get anything out of him?” Nakahara Chuuya asked, though the look in his eyes revealed that he already knew the answer.

“Why, Chuuya, it's bad habit to ask something you already know the answer of!”

That reply apparently made Chuuya tick, just as Dazai expected. Easy, too easy. “Haa? I'm just trying to be civil!” the redhead snarled. “We worked hard to bring that guy in, so I want to make sure you do your job properly!”

“I always do my job properly. And it's just Chuuya who worked too hard.” Dazai shrugged flippantly and turned to leave. Out of habit, the smaller man also turned around, his stomps following him closely.

“That's because you conveniently forgot to tell me there was another squad in wait, asshole!”

“No, I didn't forget. I like to watch Chuuya working for my part too, that's all~”

“What the fuck.”

Chuuya continued to grumble and threw more complaints to him as they walked down the hallway. He entertained the redhead with cheerful replies that were just enough to keep him talking animatedly, though most of them were filled with ridiculous insults, until they reached the office of Mori Ogai, boss of Port Mafia. Dazai teased his partner one last time before he knocked on the door, ready to report.

“Go straight home, Chuuya, or the police will mistake you as an underage roaming around at night~”

“Fuck you, Dazai.”

When he finished the report and left the room, though, he couldn't find the small redhead anywhere in the base. A quick look at his phone told him that Chuuya had indeed headed home and was now safe behind the walls of his room. Dazai let a chuckle slip through his lips. He pocketed the phone again and walked swiftly, this time to one hidden bar in downtown.

Dazai Osamu was many things in one person, but 'a friend' was widely believed as non-existent among the list. He would prove this wrong time and time again, however, especially as he sipped a glass of clear whiskey in this bar, sandwiched between his two friends. A dark-haired man in glasses and a rough-looking red-haired man. Both did not have a reputation such as his, but they were people he actually cared about.

“I heard you brought in another man,” Sakaguchi Ango commented off-handedly to him. “How many people does it make this month?”

“Nine. The boss is getting impatient.” Of course Mori did not appear impatient at all during his report earlier, but his eyes could see what other people could not. He did not understand the need to get impatient. For him, the gears of this particular case was unfolding at a good rate, the perfect speed which he could enjoy the most. He learned the art of predictions from Mori, but it seemed like he had beaten the Mafia Boss in his own game. Dazai took another sip from his glass.

“Hmm,” Oda Sakunosuke, the redhead on his right, muttered. “Was it the man you brought after getting ambushed in the site?”


Ango eyed him curiously. “You look awfully calm. Was there no casualties?”

“Well, Chuuya got wounded pretty bad, but I've sent him home and put some medicines in his coat pocket, so he should be okay.”

Odasaku chuckled. “Playing shepherd and shepherd dog again, Dazai?” Both of his friends had heard about the infamous Double Black's teamwork from Dazai himself, and they very much understood how the young mafia liked to let Nakahara Chuuya handle all the fights. It's not the first, most definitely not the last time, Dazai casually informed them how his partner got hurt in the process.

“Did he get his wounds treated properly?” It was not the first time either, that one of them would ask about Chuuya's wellbeing in concern.

“He may not look like it, but that shorty is as resilient as a cockroach. He'll be fine,” Dazai threw a carefree smile at them. What he didn't say, what his friends could still hear from closed lips, was a simple--

he can still function as my pawn.

additional ending

Dazai Osamu did not feel any sympathy. He was full of cold calculations. And yet here he was, picking on the lock of Nakahara Chuuya's front door. As he swung the door open and stepped into the small room, filled with the scent of antiseptic, he replayed Odasaku's sentence in his head.

Why don't you show some goodwill for a change? Even a shepherd dog needs to be pampered once in a while to keep it loyal.”

He didn't really want to admit it, but Odasaku was right. Just a couple of medicines were not enough. He needed to take care of his pawn properly, that's why he came to this room. Certainly not to watch the rise and fall of Chuuya's chest under his blanket, not to gaze at the smooth line of his jaw, not to trace the curls of his red hair, no. Dazai ignored the subtle ache deep in his chest.

What a farce.

On second thought, this was unnecessary at all—a pawn would always be a pawn even without any visible effort to ensure his loyalty. He let out a sigh before tracing back his steps to the front door. Dazai knew Chuuya would never betray him, would never betray the Mafia. He could calculate all the factors in his personality and found no possibility of the redhead's treason. Afterall, Chuuya was the only one who could stand face to face to him without whimpering in fear, without donning a fake smile.

Dazai let the door shut close with a click.

[Fanfiction] your sanity is but on the tips of your fingers

Title: your sanity is but on the tips of your fingers
Author: Vianna Orchidia 
Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs
Character: Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya
Rating: T
Genre: Humor, Romance??
Disclaimer: Bungou Stray Dogs is property of Asagiri Kafka and Harukawa Sango. I do not own the series and the characters, and I do not gain any profit from this fanfiction
Warning: Post Guild arc with no Fyodor arc. My friend said this is full of innuendos tho I don't see where??? Repost from my AO3.

It was only ten in the morning and Chuuya was already fuming inside his office. He had several reports from his men he needed to go over before the lunch meeting, and he had planned to do it last night—that is, until a damn annoying bandage-wasting device showed up on his doorstep and practically put his plans into flames.

Ever since the incident with the Guild half a year ago, Port Mafia and Armed Detective Agency had been on a truce, however strained it was, and Dazai had been taking advantage of it to ruin Chuuya's daily peace. His ex-partner now liked to visit his apartment every now and then, sometimes bringing dinner over but most times he just ate whatever food Chuuya had. (Chuuya had learned to cook for two, after the umpth time he had to go to bed with half-empty stomach.)

Last night was no different. The suicide maniac came barging in, spouting nonsense about how the man-tiger finally found his wits and asked this girl on a date, how the creepy siblings was found making out in the closet (again), how the sadist doctor got a bouquet from a secret admirer, yadda yadda. (Chuuya was not paying attention! He just couldn't help but take in some information because the bastard was talking right in front of him, across the dining table, with this huge cute grin on his face, okay?) And in the middle of debating about the pros and cons of 9 mm Beretta, Dazai's hand was suddenly on his cheek, pulling him in for a searing kiss.

Needless to say, Chuuya didn't get any work done for the rest of the night.

Not to mention, he woke up with a lingering ache in his limbs, making it even harder to leave the bed.

[Fanfiction] farce

Title: farce
Author: Vianna Orchidia 
Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs
Character: Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya, Ozaki Kouyou
Rating: M
Genre: Humor, Romance??
Disclaimer: Bungou Stray Dogs is property of Asagiri Kafka and Harukawa Sango. I do not own the series and the characters, and I do not gain any profit from this fanfiction
Warning: Geisha AU, mild smut, Chuuya-centric, Chuuya's potty mouth (I mean, I tried). Repost from my AO3.

-story start-

The whole house had been buzzing with quick footsteps, ceaseless orders, and random panicked mutters here and there since early this morning. Truth to be told, three quarters of the wedding ceremony preparations that was to be held in this household had been done up to last night, but as expected the last-minute rush was unavoidable. Chuuya listened closely from his place in the room, following with his ears the heavy footsteps of Tachihara who had been passing his room for the fourth time now—who knew what he had in his arms this time—and the quiet, reserved voice of Kouyou who was giving out directions to the servants. Well, it was Kouyou. Chuuya knew the wedding ceremony would be flawless, just like everything Kouyou handled.

The problem was, he didn't wish for the wedding to happen. His wedding, to be precise. He wanted nothing more than to tear away from the ladies painting his face white and curling his hair into intricate shapes. He wanted to run away from this place, from this town, from the clutches of that high-class samurai he was going to marry.

“Chuuya,” Kouyou's cool voice pulled him out of the silent rage twirling in his body.

Without moving his body much in consideration for the ladies tending to his makeup, Chuuya regarded the owner of this establishment. “Kouyou-anesan,” his answer was flat. He made damn sure Kouyou could feel the dripping discontent in his tone.

The woman glared at him with narrowed eyes, her beautiful fan stretched open to hide the lower part of her face. “The groom will arrive in ten minutes.”

“I see.”

Chuuya's disinterested reply pushed the conversation into a halt, until Kouyou decided she had had enough of her protégé's irate attitude.

“Be careful, lad. This is your wedding,” she said sharply.

The redhead bride-to-be sneered. It's not usual he's this negative to the woman he had considered his own sister, but extreme times called for extreme measures. Chuuya let a snow-white cloth be draped on his head as he continued to smile in spite. “I don't remember asking for a wedding, though. I wasn't even one of your geisha. How did I get roped into this... this farce?”

Slapping her fan closed, Kouyou sighed exasperatedly. “He's an influential figure in this area. You know how things work here, Chuuya.”

“Did he even know he's marrying a male?”

At Chuuya's question, the older woman giggled heartily. She turned around gracefully and made to exit the room, unmistakably going to welcome the groom's party because time was running short. She gave her answer as a parting message, said airily and lightly as if she's talking about the cat next door.

“That is for you to find out, lad.”